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2010: The Most Exciting Season Ever?

At Autosport International, Martin Brundle explained how he felt that 2010 would be one of the most exciting seasons ever to him, even more than some seasons when he was actually driving. This certainly says a lot, and I’m inclined to agree with him that 2010 could be one heck of a great season. Here are the factors of the upcoming season which, to me, are the most exciting.

The Return of Michael Schumacher
Needless to say, this is the biggest draw for almost everyone. FOM expects the return of the Red Baron (though I think he should be called the Silver Surfer now) to attract many new fans to Formula One. It should be a no brainer to anyone who follows Formula One that this is probably true.

His detractors may say whatever they want about the teams he’s driven for, his own abilities, or the quality of his competition, but their claims are completely overshadowed by the truth. That truth is that Michael Schumacher is statistically the greatest Formula One driver of all time.

He is only 41 years old which, while older than any other driver on the grid, is anything but too old to drive in Formula One. Many current and former drivers expect Schumacher to have few problems being competitive again, and their beliefs are backed by Dr. Steve Olvey, an exceptionally qualified doctor (as if the title didn’t give that away) and rampant fan of auto racing who was also involved in Grand Prix Masters.

Schumacher has so much support behind him and so many facts supporting him that it is impossible to write off the 41 year old seven time world champion.

Alonso vs Hamilton, Part II
2007 was a season to remember. Not only did my main man Kimi Raikkonen win the title, but we were also treated to a heated rivalry between the McLaren teammates of two time champion Fernando Alonso and baby faced rookie Lewis Hamilton. While it is said that the sparks were mostly generated by Ron Dennis butting heads with our dear Fred, and that the media also blew it out of proportion, it is impossible to deny that 2007 gave birth to one of the most exciting rivalries of the current generation of drivers – Alonso vs Hamilton.

Lewis has never been hesitant to talk up his 2007 season, much to the dismay of Alonso fans and Hamilton haters, and it has caused the world to yearn for Alonso to climb back into a competitive car so that we can see the two go at it once more. Will 2010 settle a score and tell us who is better? Well, no. Why not? I’ll simply say this, who is better between Prost and Senna? …. I rest my case.

Ferrari vs McLaren
As both teams secure very powerful line-ups and look to have championship contending cars once more, one cannot help but wonder if the epic rivalry of the past decade will be reborn. This rivalry has given us such amazing battles over the past ten years.

Schumacher vs Hakkinen
Schumacher vs Coulthard
Schumacher vs Raikkonen
Raikkonen vs Alonso/Hamilton
Massa vs Hamilton

Those are some very impressive matchups! What are we likely to see this year?

Alonso vs Hamilton
Alonso vs Button
Massa vs Hamilton
Massa vs Button

While Button doesn’t really get my adrenaline running, the Alonso, Hamilton, and Massa factors are all very significant and this could be a thrilling season if these two teams are at the top!

Mercedes vs McLaren

The alliance has been shattered as Mercedes now desires to stand on its own in Formula One! Their partnership with McLaren was a powerful one, but did it yield as many championships as it should have? I’m not certain.

When looking at each team’s roster, it is hard not to be excited about these two fighting one another. McLaren, arguably the most loved British team in Formula One (unfortunately due to Williams’ slump) is fielding the two most recent world champions, both British. On the other side of the lake is Mercedes, the German superpower who has recruited two Germans. One, a prospect of the future named Nico Rosberg. The other, a seven time world champion named Michael Schumacher. Is there any way not to find this matchup exciting?

Lotus vs Virgin

There is only one reason to follow this matchup if you ignore the fact that they are clearly the strongest of the new teams.

The bosses of each team, Tony Fernandes of Lotus and Richard Branson of Virgin, made a little deal with one another. You see, they each operate successful airline businesses and they have agreed to race each other in the 2010 championship. The boss of the losing team must act as a stewardess on the winning team’s airline for a day. Now if that’s not an exciting bet, then I don’t know what is!

Air Asia is playing hardball with this too. Want proof? Here it is.

Korean Grand Prix

To be honest, I know very little about this circuit. I’m only aware that it is a street circuit that will run by a harbour, and is designed by Hermann Tilke. Here is what it looks like. This is taken directly from the official circuit’s website, but downgraded to fit the width of my blog.

While it doesn’t look incredibly interesting, it’s always nice to go to new races for the first time. Hopefully South Korea will deliver a good race to the fans.

Four New Teams

Campos, Lotus, USF1, and Virgin. While some speculate that Campos and USF1 will not be on the grid (even though one can see that each are quite busy and rapidly working away just by reading the news), Lotus and Virgin are the strongest of the new teams with great drivers and strong backing.

It has been a long while since more than one new team has entered in one season, unless I’m having a serious brainfade. Four is a very impressive number, and it brings a lot of unpredictability to the new season. Will they all be backmarkers, or will they mix it up with the Force Indias and Toro Rossos? What if one of the new teams goes even higher up the grid? With some of the drivers that have signed for the new teams, I wouldn’t be surprised and I’m anxiously looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish.

Several Rookies

In recent seasons, we haven’t been treated to as many rookies as we’re used to. 2010 looks to remedy that by introducing several to us at once.

Nico Hulkenburg
Bruno Senna
Lucas Di Grassi
Kamui Kobayashi (He is, technically, still a rookie.)

Very nice names! USF1 looks set to announce José María López, whom I know very little about, but another new face will be welcomed warmly by me.

I really do like that list of rookies. Hulkenburg is being hyped as the next big thing, and Bruno Senna, nephew of the great Ayrton Senna, is supposedly no slouch either. Lucas Di Grassi is, from what I have heard, quite formidable too. Kamui Kobayashi will become a full-time driver rather than just a replacement, and I’m excited to see what he can do over the course of an entire season.

Four World Champions

Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and Michael Schumacher will all take to the grid in 2010. Four world champions is mighty impressive, and it’s a number that has my heart thumping! Considering that just last year we only had two line up at the start of the year, and it is easy to understand why this is exciting.

Jacques Villeneuve has confirmed that he is also looking for a drive in 2010. If he finds a seat, that would give us five champions on the grid, though I feel that Villeneuve returning is very unlikely.

Looking ahead at the driver line-up, I feel that it’s such a shame that we lost Kimi Raikkonen to the WRC. To have five champions line up in Bahrain would have been fantastic.

Four Championship Contending Teams

Last but not least… Ferrari vs McLaren vs Mercedes vs Red Bull. The potential for this is very much there. Among these teams, we have several drivers who could win the championship.

Fernando Alonso
Jenson Button
Lewis Hamilton
Felipe Massa
Nico Rosberg
Michael Schumacher
Sebastian Vettel
Mark Webber

Though Button and Rosberg don’t look like particularly strong challengers for the title given the competition, they are still up there and that makes eight drivers who all stand a great chance of winning the world championship. Eight drivers.

Formula One hasn’t been this exciting since, well, before I was a viewer! Bring on 2010, I say. It’s going to be an absolute blast.

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