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Mercedes Launch & Toro Rosso News

Mercedes launched their livery today in Stuttgart, Germany. Their 2010 challenger will be designated the MGP W01, which we will not formally see until testing begins next week. This means that the car shown off today in Stuttgart was a repainted 2009 Brawn Mercedes. Even if it’s not the car that Mercedes will be racing with, it was still a beautiful sight.

The Mercedes MGP W01 will be driven by, of course, Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher. Team Principal Ross Brawn has indicated that there will be no preferential treatment when testing in Valencia kicks off. Rosberg and Schumacher will each drive the car on the first day, and then both drivers will get a full day each for the following two days.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the Mercedes livery just yet. While it is a shiny silver with subtle streaks all over, I somehow find the car to be very bland or uninspiring. I certainly do like the silver part of the livery, but the MGP W01 suffers from the same problem that the Brawn did last year. While the car looks nice, it lacks sponsors. Too much empty space on a car is a bit of a turn off for me, and the MGP W01 unfortunately does suffer from this.

However, I do believe that the car will actually look quite nice in motion considering the full silver livery, complete with black accents and subtle streaks running across the chassis.

There is a rumour floating around about Mercedes and Nick Heidfeld as well. According to this rumour, Nick Heidfeld has agreed to be Mercedes’ third driver if negotiations with Renault do not work out. Hopefully Nick will end up in the second Renault, because we deserve to see a driver of his calibre continue racing.

On the other side of the pond, Toro Rosso has announced via Twitter that their car will be revealed on February 1, the first day of testing in Valencia. They have also resigned Jaime Alguersuari, much to my dismay. I was not impressed with his performances in 2009, but this may be due to him having zero testing as well. If Jaime isn’t up to speed after preseason testing, then sound the alarms.

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