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The New Bahrain Grand Prix

It’s becoming a noticeable trend that with each new championship season, unnecessary changes must follow as well. 2010 is no exception. While I disagree with the new points system, it doesn’t bother me enough to cause me to write about it. In order for me to feel inclined to write about a change to Formula One, it has to be really pointless and/or stupid. The change I have decided to write about today is both.

Meet the Bahrain Grand Prix, prior to 2010.

While not a terribly outstanding circuit, the Bahrain Grand Prix did have a few good spots. Turns 3, 4, and 5 are what most people label as the best that the circuit has to offer. I am inclined to agree, especially on Turn 4. It was a good, quick turn and wasn’t too bad for overtaking.

Meet the Bahrain Grand Prix, as it will be in 2010.

What is this? Upon first looking at the circuit, it becomes evident that the track has gained eight corners, I think. I say that “I think” because the picture I have to stare at is fairly small. All of these new corners are in one horribly slow looking section of the course which has been added in between turns 3 and 4. I stare at what they’ve added and I just don’t get it. Based on the reactions from many other fans, they don’t get it either. This new section is very slow looking and cannot help overtaking at all. Turn 4 also now looks completely devoid of overtaking opportunities now, because the cars will be so slow going through it, or so I imagine.

I may not use very technical terms or anything of the sort when I talk about Formula One. I do understand the terms and know how everything works, but when it comes to speaking with technical terms, I’m not great at putting what I know or think into words.. So I’ll just settle with saying that I’m a passionate F1 fan who knows that the lap is longer now, but overtaking will probably also be worse. This was, in my opinion, a very unnecessary change.

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