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Ferrari Presents The F10, Autosport leaks the new Williams FW32

Ferrari presented their 2010 challenger, the Ferrari F10, this morning in Maranello. This launch differs from Mercedes’ launch earlier this week which was only a livery launch. Ferrari is showing us the whole deal, the 2010 chassis and livery.

So what can be said about the launch? Well, all the faces you’d expect to see were obviously present. Stefano Domenicali, Luca di Montezemolo, and Luca Marmorini were the faces I recognized from the team personnel while I watched the live feed. All four drivers were also present (Alonso and Massa obviously included), giving di Montezemolo many ample opportunities for man hug fun that Italians seem to love so much.

The entirety of the launch that I followed was in Italian, so I didn’t understand anything that was being said. Instead, all I could do was check out the car. You know, this one..

When I first saw the car, which I believe was last week when Fernando Alonso ran a few promotional laps, I was slightly turned off by the over abundance of white on the chassis. I am aware that Ferrari has run cars with white wings in the past (quite recently, too), but I don’t believe that they ever made it look so unintentionally ugly as what I see on the F10. The white wings seem completely unnecessary as well, since Ferrari have chosen to print Santander’s name in red on top of the white wings. Santander’s corporate logo is white text over a red background, which is also how Ferrari typically presents sponsors on their car. Aesthetically, the car would have been more pleasing to the eye if it had red wings. The car doesn’t look bad though, and it’s nice to see a Ferrari that isn’t composed entirely of one colour, so in a way the white does help the image of the car to a small degree.

Regarding the shape, I’m not one for analyzing the shape of the car and saying what it can and can’t do. I’ll leave that to the people in the sport, and the armchair “I like to think I’m an engineer, but I’m really not” enthusiasts on internet forums. All I’m aware of is that the front nose and wing supposedly borrow heavily from the 2009 Red Bull chassis. I disagree, and don’t really see any similarities except for the nose being narrow. As proof, here is Red Bull’s car from last year.

Not as similar as it’s being claimed to be, and narrowing the nose cone hardly classifies as ripping off another team’s design.

I will admit, though, that this year’s Ferrari looks like a rocket. It looks sleek, sexy, and fast thanks in part to the former two qualities. However, we know that judging a car’s performance based on looks is not always a good idea. Proof of that would be, well, Ferrari’s 2009 car!

Let’s hope that Ferrari haven’t botched up something with their design again and will be fighting for wins with the other big boys this year.

Autosport also stumbled upon a nice find today. Williams held a private shakedown today at Silverstone, and Autosport managed to snag a shot. Click here to head over to Autosport and check out the new Williams in action!

McLaren launches tomorrow, and I will be posting about that as well.

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