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McLaren MP4-25 Launched

What a nice treat for me to stumble upon after a power outage at work!

While McLaren isn’t my favourite team at all (I’ve only supported them one in the past – when Kimi Raikkonen drove for them), I always look forward to their car launches because I know that they’ll put out something that looks great and will be, most likely, very fast as well. I didn’t get to catch the live feed of the car launch due to having no power at work, but I’ve checked out quite a few pictures. Here’s one of the new MP4-25.

So, what do I think? Simply put, it looks a lot like a McLaren. I don’t see many radical changes apart from the shark fin, and the livery is relatively the same as it was last year. It’s still an attractive car, and I really like the whole chrome look that they started back in 2007.

It was great to see Jenson Button in McLaren overalls and standing by the MP4-25 as well as beside Lewis Hamilton. It seemed a little surreal to me as well, given that I’m still in disbelief that such an uninspiring driver landed a McLaren drive merely because he drove an unbeatable powerhouse of a car for most of the last season.

Anyway, we all get a break for a few days now until Sauber and Renault launch their cars on February 1. It will be interesting to follow Renault’s launch since they do not have a second driver yet, though some sources believe that the second seat will be filled by Vitaly Petrov.

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