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Barrichello urges Rosberg to “get out”

No, this isn’t about Rubens Barrichello doing an Elaine Benes impression. Today, while waiting for Virgin to launch their car after a technical delay, I have chosen to write about comments that Rubens made to little Nico Rosberg recently during testing in Valencia.

“Yeah. Get out of there! That is the only thing I can tell him. He needs to drive fast and don’t crash: Ross will always tell you that before the race. Knowing what I know, and seeing how fast Michael went today, it is going to be a tough job. I wish him all the best because I think he is a talented boy who can be world champion. If he has the chances of being world champion in the same team as Michael, then he can be world champion anywhere. Let’s put it this way.”

Look Rubens, we all know that you’re still hurt over your time at Ferrari, and frankly it’s a bad reason to be raining on Nico’s parade. During his stay at Ferrari, Rubens was beaten almost all the time by Michael Schumacher. There were rare moments when Rubens was really in the zone and was the class of the field, but these days were very uncommon. Usually, he just played the role of second best driver.

It is true that Rubens Barrichello is a very good driver, probably among the top five or six on the grid, but he has never been near the calibre of Michael Schumacher. Such talent is only a dream in Rubens’ mind.

The man has a bad habit of reflecting on his time at Ferrari, when he was the #2 driver. Whenever something went wrong at Brawn or Honda, Rubens would point the finger squarely at the team. He would have a “YOU DID THIS TO ME!” attitude.

Rubens rates himself far higher than even the height of his own abilities. I don’t want to say that he has an ego, and it is alright for the man to think that he is the best driver on the grid (and he should do so), but the fact that he is still gripping at straws and beating a dead horse to bring up his treatment at Ferrari is just plain bull.

Rubens, you were not treated as the #2 driver just because you were paired with Michael. You were treated as the #2 driver because you were not strong enough to regularly challenge Michael, and you showed that your abilities are inferior to his. That is something that Rubens cannot seem to accept. Ferrari didn’t make him the #2 driver, he himself did.

So I ask you to do one simple thing, Rubens. Leave Nico alone. He already responded in the press and indicated that your remarks did not phase him one bit. He knows what he has to do, and he’ll probably be able to do at least come pretty close to doing it, too.

Also, Nico’s response pretty much says it all…

“From his point of view, he was beaten for six years so maybe from him it doesn’t surprise me that he says that.”

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