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USF1 Out

The title is self-explanatory, and it is exactly what I predicted I would write about next. It was plain as day that USF1 would not be reacing this year. Comments from the team have progessively gotten more worrying over time. I will paraphrase what they’ve said each month this year.

Pre-2010: “Everything is going according to plan. There is no need for concern.”

January: “We will be on the grid in Bahrain. We won’t be pretty, but we’ll be there.”

February: “We will not be ready in time and would like to miss the first four races of the season.”

March: “We would now prefer to have the entire year off.”

The above comment came at the same time as employees at the USF1 factory were informed that they were being put on unpaid leave. It was just yesterday afternoon that USF1 officially pulled the plug. I do not get any joy from the team not being able to make the grid, but I am certainly relieved as are many other fans I would imagine. I am just glad that the USF1 situation has finally been laid to rest.

However, I do not feel sorry for the USF1 boss Ken Anderson. He submitted USF1’s entry long ago and it was believed that the team had a good number of resources and would be on the grid come 2010. Teams such as Lotus, who only got the go ahead from the FIA at the end of last year, accomplished far more in less time than USF1 and will be on the grid next weekend in Bahrain. USF1 produced nothing in over a year to show the public except a picture of Peter Windsor standing with driver Jose Maria Lopez and President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Bravo, guys.

With USF1 now officially out, the Serbian squad Stefan Grand Prix (abbreviated SGP) looks set to take USF1’s spot on the grid as FOM CEO Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA conduct a business review of Stefan. If everything checks out, Stefan will line up on the grid next weekend with the rebranded 2010 Toyota car, represented by Kazuki Nakajima and Jacques Villeneuve. Stefan has a car and two drivers, and they supposedly have backing from the Serbian government. They are still hellbent on racing in 2010 and I say, hey, give them the vacant spot left by USF1. They are better equipped and better prepared, plus having Villeneuve back would give us FIVE world champions on the grid as he would line up with Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and Michael Schumacher.

USF1, exit stage right. Stefan, you’re up!

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