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Hispania Launches 2010 HRT Car

It’s amazing what one week can do. Seven days ago, people were wondering when the Campos Meta team would launch. Here we are, a week later, and the team has a new name, new team principal (Colin Kolles, the renegade dentist) and a second driver.

Here is the 2010 HRT, which will be driven by Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna.

What do I think of it? Personally, I think that it has the strangest front end out of all of the 2010 entries. The front wing looks simplistic and the bizarre crook in the nose cone mystifies me. I’m not sure what kind of advantage that crook will give the car, but I cannot imagine it being anything revolutionary since no established teams have tried such a design. Dallara, who designed the car for HRT, seem to know their stuff though, judging by the half-fin on the rear of the car. Most established teams have opted for a full shark fin while the new teams (and Williams) do not have any fin at all. This makes the HRT interesting to me, as it’s physical design rests between the established and rookie teams.

I’m not feeling the livery. The green is pretty ghastly, as it looks like nothing more than spray paint from Walmart, especially near the barge boards. However, this is still better than Sauber’s shockingly bare and bland livery. While Sauber kept livery detail to an absolute minimum, a terrible mistake to make with a sponsorless car from an aesthetic standpoint, HRT at least had the sense to add a few patterns to the livery, such as the white stripe on the sidepods and running along the front of the car. I do believe that the HRT car does have a few sponsors on it, though.

How do I rate them? Well, the car doesn’t look god awful and the driver line up isn’t too bad. Overall, I like this car more than the Virgin, but I don’t think that they’ll be able to catch Lotus. HRT will suffer tremendously from their lack of preseason testing, but I believe that after they run a few races and work out the kinks of their car, and with Dallara and Bruno Senna involved, this car should end the season ahead of the Virgins. But, of course, this is all opinion.

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