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Sidepod Mirrors Banned

The FIA have decided that, in two weeks time, mirrors mounted on the sidepods of cars will be banned. This means that between the Malaysian Grand Prix and Chinese Grand Prix, a few teams will have to move their mirrors.

While it may sound a little drastic, it all makes sense when one sees where these sidepod mirrors are located. Here is a picture of the Ferrari that demonstrates where they’ve mounted their mirrors.

It should be very clear why the mirrors need to be moved. They’re a major safety concern.

I’m actually a little surprised that certain teams (Ferrari and Red Bull especially) were able to get away with this for as long as they have. The mirrors are just too far out, and they’re positioned in very vulnerable spots. It wouldn’t take much for a Ferrari to lose a mirror, I would imagine.

A few drivers have even said that they don’t like the sidepod mirrors or worry about how the mirrors put them at a disadvantage and also endanger their safety slightly. The FIA heard these concerns and decided to take action.

Starting in two weeks, the sidepod mirrors will probably be relocated back to their original positions near the cockpit. I don’t have Paintshop Pro or anything at work, so this picture that I put together to show where the mirrors will be moved to is a little unsightly.

Of course, Ferrari will make the mirrors look more aesthetically pleasing than I just did, but this is probably where the mirrors will be – out of harm’s way and easily viewable by the drivers. They way the mirrors should be.

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