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Mark Webber: Man of Many Faces

Few people are able to deny that Mark Webber is a very expressive person. Many photographers snap Mark as he does indeed express himself, deep and profound emotions etched onto his face. I have gathered several of these thought provoking images so that those who happen to stumble upon this blog can be treated to a great surprise – Mark Webber in his element.

Here are the photos.

If his Formula One career flops, or when he retires, I suspect that the ideal occupation for Mark Webber would be mime. With an expressive face like that? You bet your bottom! Don’t let this talent go to waste, Mark. Maybe you could even be the next Mr. Bean!

But if mime or Mr. Bean imitations don’t work out for Mark, he can always try something else… Such as singing.

… Or not.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t dislike Mark. He’s actually quite a cool guy, I think. Sometimes he is a little too aggressive on the track, but you can’t really get too upset over that since the man’s just trying to do his job. So, I like Mark. I also like his driving. Most importantly though, I really like his funny faces and I really hope that he keeps providing photographers with more of them in the future!

  1. April 28, 2010 at 12:18 PM

    Heh, yes! Webber’s such a weird guy with lots of faces. I find his way of expression funny 🙂 But I’m rather not talking about that commercial… As I said, he is WEIRD!! LoL

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