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This week in F1

Three week breaks between races are almost unbearable. They drag on and on, and I wonder how I manage to keep myself sane. During these breaks, I entertain my F1 obsession by reading the news. Here are a few things making news which I found interesting and have summarized.

Gerard Lopez decided to shake the F1 world with a comment of epic magnitude. He stated something that has never been thought of by anyone. Ever. Gerard had the balls to say that… Robert Kubica… Could be world champion one day. Wow Gerard, you’re just regurgitating a fact that everyone has known for what, two or three years? Kubica is a true force to be reckoned with. Considering the fact that he has never driven an “appropriate” top tier car and almost won the championship once already is pretty telling. If he ever gets his hands on a Ferrari or McLaren, then I will fully expect him to win the championship immediately. I’m completely serious, I don’t joke about Kubica’s talent. He’s a beast!

Fernando Alonso has had his thumbs insured for ten million euros by Santander. Avoiding the fact Santander’s CEOs clearly have some kind of uncontrollable lust for Alonso, I found this to be incredibly shocking. Ten million euros if he hurts his precious little thumbs! If I break a thumb (which is unlikely since I’m yet to break a bone, let alone sprain anything), I’ll just get a few days off work. I guess it helps to be rich.

Stefan GP wants to enter F1 in 2011. While I supported their efforts to get on the grid this year (but only due to a certain Jacques Villeneuve), I find myself not really caring at this point. Stefanovic apparently has some kind of criminal connections and he also did a fantastic job of pissing off the FIA. Things basically went like this earlier in the year.
FIA: Sorry Stefanovic, but you’re not allowed to hang around with us.
Stefan: Well if you won’t give me permission, then I’ll just do it anyway!
And so they did! Stefan shipped their supplies to Bahrain and Australia just because they were convinced they would be on the grid, even before USF1 dropped out. Well, when USF1 did in fact drop out, the FIA refused to grant Stefan entry. Several weeks later and Toyota had to clean up Stefan’s mess by retreiving the shipping containers that the ambitious Serbian team sent all over the place. Now, why would the FIA ever want these guys on the grid? Maybe if a rogue pirate overthrows Jean Todt they might have a chance, but they certainly don’t at the moment!

Kimi Raikkonen is not dismissing the idea of returning to Formula One next year, or at least that’s what I’ve read… For the twentieth time. I can’t be the only one getting tired of these articles. It seems to be a biweekly tradition for one to suddenly appear on Autosport, GP Update, or some other site. Kimi has already made it very clear what his plans are, so maybe these journalists should respect his decision and also take Kimi’s advice and go take a shit.

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