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RaceFansTV and a thank you to Mark Webber

I received an email today containing a link to a very interesting website that I feel is worth mentioning to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog, which is suprisingly more than I honestly expected lately due to a slight increase in traffic. The funny thing about the increase is that I have Mark Webber’s funny faces to thank! Yes, according to the search engine terms in my blog’s dashboard, most people who end up here without my help (meaning those who didn’t click my various forum signatures and such) did so by looking for funny pictures of Mark Webber. Thanks Mark!

Anyway, the link I received this morning is for a new site called RaceFansTV. No spaces in the name it seems, which I think makes it easier to remember the url as well, which is simply RaceFansTV.com. You can’t forget that, surely.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the site, I will quote RaceFansTV.

RaceFansTV is an international initiative led by motorsports enthusiasts to bring back much of the great historical racing footage that has been captured over the past 80 years – since the video camera was invented.

Because motorsports is a global industry, we have team members working from 4 continents and collaborators sharing content and helping us manage the system from at least 15 different countries.

So while an ¨About Us¨ section might be particularly interesting on some websites; here, there is nothing special. We are like you, passionate about motorsport and highly motivated to keep all the classes of racing alive for future generations. Therefore, we hope you will join us and this section can be about you too!

Good honest people with a very ambitious and exciting sounding website! They have a very innovative site, so check it out.

RaceFansTV – http://www.racefanstv.com/

Tomorrow I’ll write up an information piece about F1 2010 on the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. In a few more months we’ll have our hands on it, so I figure it’s time to start storing information on this destined-to-be-good Codemasters racing game.

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