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“Why are Massa slow? We not understand!”

That’s what Ferrari are saying after the Spanish Grand Prix. Apparently they’re a little confused by the lack of pace from the Brazilian.

Isn’t it obvious what’s wrong? Massa is probably suffering from what I like to call Olivier Panis Syndrome.

THIS is what’s wrong.

Or, more correctly, the result of the above is what’s wrong. Regardless of the fact that Massa wanted to jump right back into the car after being injured, and ignoring the fact that he was able to complete laps in testing, something isn’t the same anymore. This is exactly what happened with Olivier Panis as well. He was doing a stellar job in 1997 in the Prost, but after returning, he just never looked the same. He wasn’t “on it” as much.

I really do feel bad for Massa, but I am not going to say nice things just because of what he went through. Ferrari ditched the wrong driver. Yes, I believe that Raikkonen should have been retained. The man won a championship with the team and he gets the shaft? I suppose it wasn’t too difficult for Ferrari, since they dropped Schumacher a few years back as well. Dropping highly successful drivers who I happen to like is basically the reason why I’m on the Mercedes train now, but my feelings don’t affect my common sense or logic. “Felipe baby” retained his seat because he was a team player and because Ferrari would not in their right mind drop an injured driver.

History will remember Raikkonen as the superior of the two, so it’s truly a shame that things didn’t turn out differently.

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