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F1 2010 – What’s Known So Far

May 4, 2010 2 comments

After reviewing the developer diaries pumped out by Codemasters, as well as after checking additional sources of information, I put together a list of what is currently known to be in F1 2010.

  • Release date is in September 2010 for PC, Playstation 3, and XBox 360.
  • Based on the Ego Engine that DIRT, DIRT 2, and GRID used.
  • All new drivers, teams, and tracks will be represented.
  • Anthony Davidson assisting in the development of game by offering advice and input on how the cars should handle. Car handling will be consistent and predictable, but nervous and twitchy in corners to simulate a real Formula One car.
  • All drivers and key team personnel are fully modelled in 3D.
  • Cars will behave realistically. Downforce settings will be felt significantly in corners, and cars will change their handling drastically at high speeds.
  • “We don’t want to make the game as realistic as real life, otherwise you’ll be spinning off left, right, and center,” says Anthony Davidson.
  • Tire temperatures and wear will be present and will be very important in the races. Marbles, water, rubber on the track, etc. will also affect tire performance differently.
  • During pit stops, mechanics will change aero settings, replace tires, and replace damaged or broken car parts.
  • The most complicated weather system ever seen in a racing game. Weather is unpredictable and will change in real time.
  • Falling water will cause the race track to slowly lose grip. Trees and trackside objects will be able to shelter areas of the track from rain.
  • Performance changes and parts on the car being upgraded throughout the season will be present.
  • AI drivers currently lap at nearly the same times as their real life counterparts.
  • Players will be able to interact with the media, allowing them to answer questions, criticize their team, and so forth. This will affect the off-track gameplay in career mode significantly.
  • Career mode will also involve interacting with your fans and sponsors.
  • AI drivers will know when to defend and attack, and individual drivers will have personality characteristics that are meant to mirror the real life drivers that they are based on.
  • No spectator mode in online racing.
  • Race engineers will inform you in real time what is happening in the race. Your brakes, lap times, gaps to your opponents, and events going on around you will all be dictated to you.
  • Career mode will be 3, 5, or 7 seasons long. The player may choose how long they want it to be.
  • Beating your team-mate in career mode often will make your team favour you more, allowing you to be the first to have new car upgrades.
  • Puddles will cool your tires if they are overheating.
  • No mechanical failures.
  • There will be no safety car.
  • Players will be able to design their own character for career mode and can spray champagne on the podium.
  • Ability to “choose” a rival in career mode.
  • Formation laps will not be present in the game.
  • All kinds of flags will be present.
  • “Flashback” feature from DIRT 2 and GRID may be in the game.

I’ll make updated posts like this around the start of each month with every bit of known information, though I will make two posts regarding F1 2010 in June, since the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) occurs in the middle of that month, and the game will likely be presented at the show.